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Treeify 0.05 Released

I've released version 0.05 of treeify, mostly just updating gems.  Here's the changelog:

Also, slightly embarassing, it turns out I need to update the gemspec file with the last edited date.  I thought that was the authored field.


Anyway, enjoy!

Snippet: Prepend git log To Your Changelog

git log --pretty=tformat:"  * [%ad - %s%n%b](" --since="$(git show -s --format=%ad `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)"|cat - > /tmp/out && mv /tmp/out 


 This basically tells git to show all commits since the last tag, pipe them to cat, which will concatenate the new changes on top of the old, redirect the output to a temp file, and then rename that temp file back to the changelog file.


An exercise left to the reader would be to modify this to prepend the version number/tag name to the change set so that it's easily discernable what changes belong where.

Replies Are Fixed

I ripped out the crappy ajax-y jQuery template stuff to retrieve replies. It broke at some point and I don't know why. Anyway, replies show up properly now sans-ajax.

Twitter Authentication Now Works

Twitter authentication now works. Comment away! I'll be posting a tutorial on this at some point as well.

Posting from Twitter

Twitter auth works!