Office of Secret Intelligence

Who taught you to be a spy, fucking Gallagher!?!

Mina and Migrations

I've been using mina ( for deployments, and overall it's pretty great.  However, I just tried to create this column type migration and it just blew right past it in the deployment.  I'm going to see if I can file a bug about it.

I went ahead and ran the migration manually, which blows, but hopefully I'll get this resolved.

On the plus side, I can now write more in my posts.

Welp, that's a bug

I'm an idiot, and made the post body column a varchar(255).  That'll need fixing.

Kodiak - A CMS

I've been working on Kodiak for over a year.  

I finally got it to a point that it's reasonably tested, feature-ful enough to be useful, and convenient, and reliable and found a deployment solution that I like.


TinyMCE test

The tinymce editor works.  Marvelous.

First Post

First post using my new CMS I wrote.