Office of Secret Intelligence

Who taught you to be a spy, fucking Gallagher!?!

test draft


Pages Are Broken!

It looks like pages are broken.  I think this is a caching issue, but I'm not positive.


If anyone reads this blog, hang tight, I'll have your precious pages back to you soon.

Twitter Authentication Now Works

Twitter authentication now works. Comment away! I'll be posting a tutorial on this at some point as well.

RE: Posting from Twitter


Posting from Twitter

Twitter auth works!

First Post

First post using my new CMS I wrote.

TinyMCE test

The tinymce editor works.  Marvelous.

Post Every Day

I've been trying to post every day, but haven't been superbly successful.  I've been fairly busy, with this, and a bunch of migration tasks at work, and not sitting down and drafting up a useful blog post.


My whole goal for this blog is really to be a repository for things I've learned, notes I've taken, the quick and dirty to remember how to do something.  That, and post as much Venture Bros,Big Lebowski, Mega Man, Battletech and Halo content as humanly possible.  SOMETHING has to drive traffic here for revenue.


I'll hopefully have a more content-rich post up later today.  Right now, I'm working on finishing up reply trees, but am stuck on displaying a subtree properly.



And We're Back

I've obtained my database dump, and it looks like all is well now.  I need to get varnish set up again, but in the mean time, everything appears to look okay.


This week I'd like to write a little something on Go, since I just wrote a small tool for work using it.  I think I'm also going to finally package up Kodiak and do a proper release, since I had a bit of an epiphany installing it on a new server and not having much pain.


Anyway, more later!