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Posts for September, 2014

PHAT Workout "Regiment"

I've been doing Layne Norton's PHAT training system for a few months now.  I've seen some pretty great results in terms of strength increases on "big lifts" (squat, bench, rows and cleans to an extent), and I've noticed a reasonable amount of change in things I've had trouble with in the past, including my arms.  I've done Strong Lifts, various circuit training programs, P90X, and serious kung fu training, so I have a good foundation for fitness, but I've still seen good strength increases, progressively at that, with this program.


Here's what my week usually looks like:


Sunday Monday (upper body power day) Tuesday (lower body power day) Wednesday Thursday (shoulder/arm hypertrophy) Friday (lower body hypertrophy) Saturday (chest and arms hypertrophy)
rest 3x5 bent over rows 3x5 squats rest/jog 6x3 power cleans 6x3 squats punching bag work
  2x8 perfect form pull ups     6x3 bent over barbell rows jog skull crushers
  3x5 barbell bench press     3x8 barbell overhead press    
  2x8 overhead dumb bell shoulder press     3x12 barbell shrugs    
  2x10 skull crushers          


This isn't 100% true to the program, but it gets me 2 days of squats (3 leg days, if you include cleans), and some good back work.


I'd like to modify this in the future so I'm doing more running and I'm doing more back work.  I'd like to do a pull up program, like the Armstrong pull up program, and be more diligent with tricep work.  I'd ALSO like to even out my strength more.  My left arm has always been stronger, but even more so since my shoulder surgery in 2006.


I'll post some stats with graphs and what not at some point.  All of my progress is being tracked manually as it's easiest to go over to a book and journal what I've done right after I complete a set.

Bitching About Bootstrap 3 Dropdown Menus

I decided to implement dropdown menus for a few items, including the "posts" link in the navbar (for logged in users).  It works great, but I'm frustrated that there isn't really an option that allows you to make the parent item clickable, so I can't click the item that actually says "posts", and say, go to the posts listing page.  I have to hover over (which was sort of a pain in the ass to get working properly), and click on a link that will take me to the listing page.  That's too much work.

Bootstrap is pretty great, I sure wouldn't want to put this together manually in any capacity, but some of the assumptions are irritating.

Rails Asset Compression

I decided to give Google's Closure Compiler a try for this CMS.  I'm really happy with the amount of compression you can obtain (I don't personally have exact numbers, but I know my largest Javascript asset compressed down by at least half).  The one issue I have is the amount of time it takes (this link is a little old, but I can't find many new benchmarks comparing YUI and Closure:


This seems to speed page loading up a reasonable (at least noticeable) amount.  I'd like to get the load time for adsense and analytics externals down, but overall it's not horrible.  I'm going to set up Varnish for a reverse proxy cache and set up Redis for caching expensive database calls, once I've determined which are the most costly.

Links Work

I have enabled the full-featured TinyMCE editor for creating posts, so now I can spam links.  Most excellent!

ASCII Star Wars!

I saw this on a telnet server I think a while ago and it was wonderful: ASCII Star Wars