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Posts for November, 2014

Treeify 0.04 Released

Amidst all this being busy stuff, I have released version 0.04 of Treeify (link to gem:


Here's a list of changes (noted in the file):


(My changelog generation needs some work but hey! It's there.)


I haven't yet updated this blog to use the newest Treeify code, but I'll do that soon, I hope.  The biggest changes involved adding the ability to specify what columns to use in a query and actually have them retrieved.  I created some benchmarks here:, though I don't know how accurate they are beyond saying one is faster than the other.  Although the previous method was faster, it did a lot less, and the new find_by_sql call can be fine tuned in the future.

On a side note, this article about generating Changelogs from git is awesome:, and so is this snippet:

That's all for now, hopefully I'll get some more time tomorrow to write some more interesting articles.