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Posts for September, 2014

Good news, everyone!

After struggling around with mina and symbolic links, I decided just to go with S3.  Changing carrierwave around to use fog+s3 was a snap. 

I had originally had it set up that way, but I was trying to do dumb things with the filenames and it wasn't working properly.  Looks like things are doing ok now though.

In the next "patch" I'm going to fix this fucking tinymce editor.

Uploads and Mina

Mina creates a new directory for each release, and does an ln -s to the shared directory in the root app directory (for logs, app server sockets/pids, etc).  This is great and all but it's a pain in the ass for uploads, especially with Carrierwave.  If I provide the absolute path to the directory I want to write to, it works okay.  It won't display properly though, because it uses the absolute path instead of the relative when it constructs the URL.  If I use the relative URL, images that have already been uploaded display properly, but it won't write to the directory properly, as in, it won't write to the symlinked shared/ directory.  I have no fucking clue why, so I'm just going to use Fog and S3 since it'll be much cheaper anyway.


This is a learning experience.

Mina and Migrations

I've been using mina ( for deployments, and overall it's pretty great.  However, I just tried to create this column type migration and it just blew right past it in the deployment.  I'm going to see if I can file a bug about it.

I went ahead and ran the migration manually, which blows, but hopefully I'll get this resolved.

On the plus side, I can now write more in my posts.

Welp, that's a bug

I'm an idiot, and made the post body column a varchar(255).  That'll need fixing.

Kodiak - A CMS

I've been working on Kodiak for over a year.  

I finally got it to a point that it's reasonably tested, feature-ful enough to be useful, and convenient, and reliable and found a deployment solution that I like.